The ‘Sign for Change’ project brings together 6 partners from 5 different countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and Spain with complementary skills and with necessary background to achieve the goals of the project.

The Institute for Learning Innovation is the e-learning centre of the Friedrich Alexander-Universität. In the ILI, an interdisciplinary team of more than 30 scientists researches and develops technology-enhanced teaching and learning from primary school to adult learners. Within a network of European and national partners, ILI carries out relevant projects and offers consultation and its know-how. ILI has coordinated and participated in more than 300 European projects for more than 25 years under a variety of European Programs.

Stimmuli is a non-profit organisation envisioning to inspire future education and ignite positive change in society. To achieve its mission, the organisation designs and implements educational and empowerment projects that cultivate changemaking attitudes, inject entrepreneurial thinking and nudge behavioural shifts for more sustainable lifestyles.

The Centre of Greek Sign Language is a SME organisation based in Thessaloniki, Greece and most of its employees are Deaf using Sign Language as their native language. They expertise in teaching Sign Language to hearing adults, producing accessible media content, organizing events and campaigns to promote equal rights for the Deaf and universal access to Sign Language for all the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. 

The institute is located in the north-west of Italy and operates at a regional and national level about services and at international level for special projects. Founded in 1814, the Turin Institute for the Deaf is an institution providing a wide range of services and activities, for deaf, hard of hearing and other linguistic and cognitive impaired children and adults.

Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Lithuania (LKNUC) is a state educational institution providing education for hearing impaired students of Lithuania Republic. There are 110 students from pre-school to high school and 130 staff members including 75 teachers. The Center has divisions of general education, pre-school education, unformal education and socialization, educational support and assessment, development of educational materials and sign language research.

Gaudem School, located in Madrid, Spain, was created in the 1960s by a group of professionals who formed the Instituto Hispano Americano de la Palabra, a small special education school for deaf students that had developed their task for over 40 years. In September 2008 we opened Gaudem School, since then we have been able to give a greater dimension of sign bilingualism to our deaf students. We changed from a special education school with 33 students to a bigger school where 60 deaf students coexist with 1100 hearing students.