A Social Innovation Education Curriculum for Deaf Students

The Sign for Change mission is to address existing barriers and provide tailor made methodologies and educational activities to support Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to develop their confidence and self-esteem, foster their identity and develop key competences to become the changemakers of tomorrow.

The Social Innovation Education Curriculum for deaf students aims to guide teachers and other educators to familiarise with Social Innovation and cultivate students’ changemaking potential. The curriculum contains high quality training material in the form of theory, guidelines, and activities.

The curriculum is designed to be used as a lesson plan for teachers to implement it directly in their classroom with their students. Moreover, a more detailed analysis of the SIE concept and its application in schools will be available in the ‘Sign for Change’ online teacher training.

Prior to the development of the student curriculum and teacher training, a needs analysis was conducted. The methodology used was approached through a systematic process:

Needs Analysis

An online survey with 75 participants (teachers and other professionals who work with deaf students from all partner countries) allowed us to identify the needs for implementing SIE in the Deaf education context.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). They provide a clear focus and guide the selection of appropriate content, activities, and assessments.

Content Selection and Sequencing

The key content areas, topics, and competences to be covered in the curriculum were identified.

Instructional Strategies and Activities

The instructional strategies and activities to be used to engage students and facilitate learning were determined and a variety of instructional techniques, including guidelines, cooperative learning, hands-on activities, and resources, were successfully incorporated.

Adaptation for deaf learners

The finalization of the content took into consideration the specific needs of deaf students, emphasizing the importance of Sign Language in all communications.

Download the curriculum

Click the button below to download the Social Innovation Education Curriculum for deaf students. Τhe curriculum will soon be translated into all the languages of the project.