Sign For Change

Welcome to the Sign For Change project website! The project aims to provide tailor made methodologies and educational activities for deaf students.

What is the Sign For Change project?

The main mission of the ‘Sign for Change’ project is to enhance the extroversion of Deaf children and boost their self-confidence with the ultimate aim of encouraging them to develop personal skills and key 21st century competences that will help them integrate as equal, active and productive members of the society. This goal will be achieved by harnessing the power of sign language and developing an innovative and inclusive training and education package for teachers and deaf students.

Outputs of the project

When the projected is completed, we are aiming to:

  1. Complete a genuine study on the educational context and the changemaking potential of deaf children in Europe
  2. Deliver an E-book “Deaf Changemakers – role models and inspiring stories”
  3. Make a Social Innovation Education Curriculum for deaf students available
  4. Implement an online course for teachers and professionals working with deaf students
  5. Share campaigning toolkits for guiding deaf students on creating their own campaigning videos.